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CSS - Counters / List Counters

Lists can be classified as ordered lists and unordered lists.

In ordered lists,CSS can be used to mark the list items with alphabet and numbers.

CSS counters are "variables" maintained by CSS whose values can be incremented by CSS rules

list counter

CSS - Numbering With Counters

CSS counters variable values can be incremented by CSS rules.

CSS counters use the following propertiesāˆ’

  • counter-reset - Creates or resets a counter
  • counter-increment - Increments a counter value
  • content - Inserts generated content
  • counter() or counters() function - Adds the value of a counter to an element
  • CSS counter first created with counter-reset.

    CSS Counter Properties

    Property Description
    content Used with the ::before and ::after pseudo-elements, to insert generated content
    counter-increment Used to increments one or more counter values
    counter-reset Used to creates or resets one or more counters

    Example : Counters / List Counters

    <!DOCTYPE html>
    body {
    counter-reset: section;
    h3 {
    counter-reset: subsection;
    h3::before {
    counter-increment: section;
    content: "Section " counter(section) ". ";
    h4::before {
    counter-increment: subsection;
    content: counter(section) "." counter(subsection) " ";

    <h3>Java script</h3>

    <h3>Server side</h3>

    When the above code is compiled , it produces the following result.


    css list country