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Table is a collection of data, organized in terms of rows and columns.

Table is the simple form of data storage or store a set of records.

A table creation command requires Name of the table, Names of fields and Definitions for each field

The MySQL CREATE Table statement is used to create a new MySQL table.

Syntax : CREATE Table

 CREATE TABLE table_name
 column1 data_type(size),
 column2 data_type(size),
 column3 data_type(size),

table_name: Name of the table you want to create under a database.

column : Name of the columns in side the table.

data_type: Type of data we want to store in the particular column

size: Size of the data we can store in a particular column

Here, we will create a table named "Students" in the database "first_db".

Example : CREATE Table

 ROLL_NO int(3),
 NAME varchar(20),
 SUBJECT varchar(20),

Students : Name of the table

ROLL_NO : Name of the column one in side the table and is of type int and will hold an integer.

NAME, SUBJECT : Name of columns are type varchar and will hold characters, and the maximum length for these fields is 20 characters.

The empty "Students" table will now look like this:

db table

You can verify if your table has been created successfully using the DESCRIBE command as follows −

DESCRIBE Students;

Now, you have Students table available in your database which you can use to store the required information related to Students.